Thursday, February 26, 2009

~Argument on the Balance of Powers~

So my recruited friend is having a problem picking a career. He wants high dps but is unsatisfied with the Sorcerer that he made due to the fact that it cant take a hit worth crap and the fact that the spells he cast drains health supposidly (I have no idea never played one).

The situation had me thinking about how balanced the game really is. And this is a very good thing in my opinion. Ok so the balance goes as follows...

Ranged DPS : this is for caster dps and the bow/gun dps (i call them melee ranged dps, retarded I know). These are; Sorceress, Magus, Bright Wizard, and Archmage. Then you have the melee ranged which include, Shadow Warriors, Engineers Squig Herders. They can dish out massive amounts of damage oh uncanny proportions. Downfall and the balance, they couldnt take a hit if their momma had slapped them with an icecream cake...

(Another inbalance is that there is 2 classes for this in Order and not for Destro)


Tanks: I classify Chosen, Blackguard, Black Orc, Swordmaster, KoBS, Ironbreaker as tanks. Now techincally you can play a tank 2 different ways, meat shield (defensive) or damaging (chainsaw as i like to call them although techincally that means they are duel wielding). Im glad I have and understand my own terms. Now sometimes you can either duel wield with a tank or use 2handed weapons. Ive noticed in this game tanks do not duel wield as far as I have noticed. They are made to take a hit and keep the attention of the enemy. The only thing that I believe to be unbalanced and its not just with WAR but with other mmos as well is that the Taunt ability doesnt work really on pvp aspects. I mean it might switch the target of what the enemy was attacking but it doesnt stick onto you they just go to clicking back onto who they were attacking. I think it should stick atleast for a little while like 5 seconds.

Moving on...

Melee DPS: This area includes, White Lion, Witch Hunter, Slayer, Witch Elf, Marauder, and Choppa. These characters put out a lot of dps up in the face of the enemy and are able to take a small amount of damage or dodge the damage either way. I have yet to see where a melee dps is actually too beffy as to be able to stand and take hits like a tank. So balance ftw.

Healers: Rune Priest, Warrior Priest, DoK, Zealot, and Shaman. They are healers maybe with some DDs or dots, some sort of debuff here and there. Warrior Priest scare my Chosen... for the simple fact that they never die... maybe need to check into the balance of that. Everyone one else seems to be targets of death with ease.

So thats the low down on the careers from MY point of view.

To me it seems to flow pretty smooth. Its not like one class is extremely more powerful than the other. Each career does what its suppose to do.

Again this is what ive noticed at a stand point of a rank 15 character. Please feel free to correct any thing I have here in a comment.

So all in all it seems that if you want to do mad damage be prepared to die quickly. If you want to heal be prepared to die first. If you want to tank start thinking about hiring someone to heal you cause the healers surely wont do it.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long Time, No Siege!

Sup guys and gals!?

Its been a while since my last post and the post before that had been awhile since the post before that... what the heck is is going on???? I must be loosing touch with reality.
Anywho, wanted to let you peeps know that the Chosen I have made is pimped out. I thoroughly enjoy playing the career. I think I am going to switch to a 2 handed weapon. The weapon and shield thing is great but Im afraid not for pvp. However being able to standup in the battlefield against people that are like 10 lvls higher than you, its totally awesome.

Anyways my friend that I recruited into the game is having a hard time deciding what to play, so ive put my chosen on pause until he can catch up. In the mean time rolled another kind of Order character on the other ORvR server. The Witch Hunter. You know I love the background and lore of this kind of character. The detective, the confessor, and the judge all rolled up into rapier wielding, gun slinging pilgrim kind of a guy (or gal). Fun class, but couldnt take a hit if it were to save their momma's lives. Love the lore of them though.

Anyways leave me a comment if need be... or not...


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Woot! The Axe is gone... or is it?

Ladies and gents, I know it has been several days since I posted last. Its been a busy weekend for me and when I say busy I dont mean work. I mean I have recruited a friend into the WAR scenerio. We started some Destro characters on Praag and what a crazy ride its been. I made a career of "The Chosen" and he is currently Rank 12, renown rank 11. Ive specd him to be more defence, I hope I enjoy this choice... I dont do much damage at all and that sucks but to charge into a battle and stand ground for like 10 minutes without dying is amazing. I think its more of a rush than playing the White Lion (whom I miss). Standing in the scenerio at the Gates of... whatever. The T1 pvp scenerio. I held the the middle flag with a healer at the top ledge throwing me some heals every once in a while. We held the middle flag the whole game. It was so awesome!

I dont know how this is all going to play out but if the friend decides to stay on WAR and we are going to straight up pwn some WAR! Stay tuned for more details. Im at work... typing about some WAR... theres got to be something wrong...


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organization mates... really??

Good afternoon ladies and gents!

I was playing last night only for a little while and trying to lvl up I want to hit t3 so bad. Its driving me crazy. But at the same time I think I should take my time and get some pvp done and not focus in on doing so much lvling. Build a name for myself, you know what I mean?

Well last night was an eye opener for me. Running some keeps you know chillin on Magnus... and I started to notice that the tanks I was hanging with werent too bright (no pun lol!!). Anyhow Im not exactly sure how this is suppose to go down but it seemed to me that there is about 4-6 champions in the mix of the "keeper" (sorry for the incorrect terminology) and the "Keeper" being a heroic style mob.

Well I know they just wanted to kill the "keeper" and thats mayb the best way to end it but seriously when you are dealing with atleast 6 mobs you need a tank on each champion and heals flowing. Or this seems logical to me. If you have one tank on the "keeper" and all your dps flowing on that mob while the heals are spread to the tanks on the champions it will go over smooth. This did not happen. My idea, though I did not give it to them, was not logical I suppose...

It was a full warband with healers and tanks! It should have worked just by sheer numbers... We failed horribly like 3 times. It was pathetic... No organization. No calling targets no nothing. I dont even think the healers were healing.

So here is where Im going with this... and fellow blogger rivs from Way of the Chosen has even made a post on a topic close to this... (by the way rivs I swear Im not copying you... Maybe...) I think im going to roll a tank of some sort... become a leader and bring some organization to the board for Magnus... dont know where that will get me... maybe no where but I will try... Thinking Blade Master... dont know yet. I really do believe that Im made for tanking/leading but I always seem to find it boring and then the dps classes take over my life. So mayb it is time to leave the axe at home???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh my...

So last night I was playing and it starting hitting me that Im like at a bad lvl for the quests I was getting. So I proceeded to be a noob and ask people questions. Here are some scenerios that people might have been encountering last night. Remember imaginations required.

Scene 1:

A rank 20 White Lion hacking down some dark elf peeps in Ellyrion. Moving from spot to spot and running back and forth he hears a yell come from behind him and it plays out like this...

Praytell: Yo yo... dude... what the heck... *heavy breathing and walking in circles* dude you cant run like that. I just *chokes trying to catch breath* I just ran from... the war camp... Dear god whats the matter... with you...?

Lvl20WL: Nothing man just killing... whats the matter with you?

Praytell: Dude you have to be kidding... me right? I mean I just ran like 20 miles to catch up to you... *bent over still trying to catch breathe* woooo... ok im good.. im good. *sniffle* anyways... dude you have to stop running like that...

Lvl20WL: *looks at PT concerened* Can I help you with something?

PT: yea man what the heck, you got some water? 20 miles and your going to ask if I need something...? Yea man water...

Lvl20WL: Go back to EQ retard...

Scene 2:

Another lvl 20 White Lion killing some dark elfs, running to and froe, picking some roots and flowers and bushes and such.

Lvl20WL2: *picking some roots*

PT: Hey man what you doing?

Lvl20WL2: whats it look like?

PT: yea I guess I deserve that one... so you want to team up maybe stomp some dark elfs?

Lvl20WL2: Na I can handle this on my own thanks...

PT: lol well im sure you can but I need some help mate...

Lvl20WL2: Look noob... *long pause* go back to WoW or something...

PT: Dude... I didnt even come from WoW you pointy eared man whore... say something else I dare you...

Lvl20WL2: *report to gm for harrasement*

PT: wtf panzy. cant even fight your own fu... *time out*

Scene 3:

Yet another Lvl 20 White Lion roaming the fields killing some dark elfs... quite tidious work if you ask me.

PT: *sees the elf in the distance standing still infront of a camp of dark elfs* *invite to party w/o saying anything first*

Lvl20WL3: *accepts*

PT: Alright sweet deal! You accepted!

Lvl20WL3: Yea... *long pause while starring at PT* Whats up?

PT: uh... nm thanks for asking, you want to kill this camp i need a quest in it.

Lvl20WL3: why you having some trouble?

PT: dude how did you know?

Lvl20WL3: Dude your War Lion says it all...

PT: wha... *looks at Valiant the War Lion*

Valiant: You retard Ive been trying to tell you to look at your hands!

PT: *looks at his hands flips them from palms up to palms down* nothing I dont get it??

Valiant: Forgetting something??

PT: *comes to the realization of the worst possible situation...* Ahh sh**!! I left my axe at home! AGAIN!

Valiant: retard...

Lvl20WL3: Sorry Valiant and PT you are a retard...

*The End*

Ok seriously everyone I talked to last night was great didnt give me any of this go back to wow crap. They were all awesome. Had a guy tell me that I need to focus on some more rvr and not the instanced stuff the orvr. Says he got from like rank 11 to rank 18 in one night from running straight orvr.
Destro showed up big time through the night and stopped my plans from taking a keep (not by myself) Great fun. I recommend anyone who is running into the same problem with lvling to try and just run some rvr. Great gear some monies and exp cant beat it! All and all I only got like a quarter of a lvl so... still lvl 18 and if anyone has anymore suggestions please please tell Valiant so he can tell me or leave me a comment... seriously... im a noob... not from WoW...


Monday, February 9, 2009

This weekend was a great weekend for me! I got some good solid lvls in and ran some good rvr. I was highly impressed with the White Lion I created. I hit rank 18 by 12 midnight Monday morning and hit the bed. It was a great weekend.

I had only been running the High Elf vs. Dark Elf rvr instances until I hooked up with a group of people calling themselves "Dogs of WAR" and they had lined us up for all of the t2 instances. It was great did one called the temple of something or another... and another one man I don't even remember the name of that one. Anyways it was great... I dont exactly know how to tell who did the best but I was looking through the list of people that had participated and noticed that I was like third on the most dps done for the Order side. In turn... I died alot. It seemed as though I was the only one charging into the battle. At first there would be a couple of people at my side and then they disappeared and I was left dealing with a mob of angry destros.

I have noticed that exp has slowed down tremendously. I was rank 17 killing rank 19 mobs in Ellyrion and running low on quests. So I guess what im going to have to do is go to the empire side or Dwarf side and see about doing quests there until I feel like Im good enough to proceed to the next area of opperation. Please if anyone has any tips for this matter please leave me a comment. I'm trying to lvl up to the end game lvls so I wont bore myself.

I have started an alt character on Destro side on the server Ungrim. Fellow blogger rivs of the blog Way of the Chosen plays on this server and I thought it would be nice to start a character on the same server... I have picked the career of The Chosen, love the tanking ability of that class. They literally can sit there and take a smack down from like 10 mobs and live through it. Its crazy. I also made a Disciple of Khaine, going to see how playing a semi healing class goes. Any other suggestions would be great. Thank you gals and guys for reading.

Friday, February 6, 2009

White Lion of Chrace

I have started a White Lion career on Magnus (if anyone cares to look me up) and I have thoroughly enjoyed this career so far. The idea of the class is great I like the fact that its like a hunter class except up in your face, so love that. I got to rank 13 last night. Proud of myself 2 ranks in one night is good for me. Played from 6pm est to about 10:30 pm.

I left off the game after running this quest thats in a cave to the east of the map... in shadowlands... I think thats where I was. Anyways you have to purify some crystals in a cave with some servants in it and then after thats done you have to kill some dark elfs then you have to kill this dark elf chick, last name, Chillwind I do believe. Anyways before I get to her I notice this room right before Lady Chillwind area and I see another dark elf chick in there and she was named and a champion. So I tested my luck... bad idea. I got her down to a little lower than half hp. She smacked me around, ugly... I was pure ugly when it was done. My lion sat down for half of the fight and laughed... I was like "what the heck are you doing... no steak for you tonight!" he just laughed...

So I died and went back and as I was looking around I came to the corner where I could see Chilldwind but I didnt see the little path next to her ledge there so in my mind I thought the only way to get to her was to go through the champion. And the idiot I was, I went back in the room with the champion and got my butt smacked again. Valiant (my war lion) was like, "retard" and I died. So upon returning a third time quite aggrivated at my own stupidity, I turned the corner in the cave next to the ledge that Chillwind stood on and noticed that hey there is a path leading up. Valiant was like "retard" and I was like "kill" we smacked Chillwind dead. Upon returning to a safe spot to camp sold my stuff looked at the hour of the eve and danced with the notion to keep playing. Valiant said "retard" and balled up on the grown to rest and I said "you're right". I sat down next to him and as I was camping, Valiant was like "what did you do, leave your axe at home?" I said no of coarse, and he said "well you might as well have." I persisted to say hey wait a min... Character screen...