Thursday, February 26, 2009

~Argument on the Balance of Powers~

So my recruited friend is having a problem picking a career. He wants high dps but is unsatisfied with the Sorcerer that he made due to the fact that it cant take a hit worth crap and the fact that the spells he cast drains health supposidly (I have no idea never played one).

The situation had me thinking about how balanced the game really is. And this is a very good thing in my opinion. Ok so the balance goes as follows...

Ranged DPS : this is for caster dps and the bow/gun dps (i call them melee ranged dps, retarded I know). These are; Sorceress, Magus, Bright Wizard, and Archmage. Then you have the melee ranged which include, Shadow Warriors, Engineers Squig Herders. They can dish out massive amounts of damage oh uncanny proportions. Downfall and the balance, they couldnt take a hit if their momma had slapped them with an icecream cake...

(Another inbalance is that there is 2 classes for this in Order and not for Destro)


Tanks: I classify Chosen, Blackguard, Black Orc, Swordmaster, KoBS, Ironbreaker as tanks. Now techincally you can play a tank 2 different ways, meat shield (defensive) or damaging (chainsaw as i like to call them although techincally that means they are duel wielding). Im glad I have and understand my own terms. Now sometimes you can either duel wield with a tank or use 2handed weapons. Ive noticed in this game tanks do not duel wield as far as I have noticed. They are made to take a hit and keep the attention of the enemy. The only thing that I believe to be unbalanced and its not just with WAR but with other mmos as well is that the Taunt ability doesnt work really on pvp aspects. I mean it might switch the target of what the enemy was attacking but it doesnt stick onto you they just go to clicking back onto who they were attacking. I think it should stick atleast for a little while like 5 seconds.

Moving on...

Melee DPS: This area includes, White Lion, Witch Hunter, Slayer, Witch Elf, Marauder, and Choppa. These characters put out a lot of dps up in the face of the enemy and are able to take a small amount of damage or dodge the damage either way. I have yet to see where a melee dps is actually too beffy as to be able to stand and take hits like a tank. So balance ftw.

Healers: Rune Priest, Warrior Priest, DoK, Zealot, and Shaman. They are healers maybe with some DDs or dots, some sort of debuff here and there. Warrior Priest scare my Chosen... for the simple fact that they never die... maybe need to check into the balance of that. Everyone one else seems to be targets of death with ease.

So thats the low down on the careers from MY point of view.

To me it seems to flow pretty smooth. Its not like one class is extremely more powerful than the other. Each career does what its suppose to do.

Again this is what ive noticed at a stand point of a rank 15 character. Please feel free to correct any thing I have here in a comment.

So all in all it seems that if you want to do mad damage be prepared to die quickly. If you want to heal be prepared to die first. If you want to tank start thinking about hiring someone to heal you cause the healers surely wont do it.


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